What happens when you type ‘holbertonschool.com’ in your browser and press Enter

What is a server?

Domain name

  1. The user enters the address in the browser URL and presses Enter
  2. The browser searches in its own cache to see if it has visited this website before
  3. If the information is not there, then the browser requests the OS to check in the cache to see if the information is there
  4. If it is not, then the browser calls the Resolver, an intermediate server between the browser and the DNS. It receives the hostname (www.holbertsonschool.com) and tracks down the IP for that hostname.
  5. If the Resolver cannot -solve- the issue, it will then contact the DNS Root Server and receives details of the TLD Name Server, then Authoritative Name Server and finally receives the IP for that specific website.
  6. This IP then travels all the way back to the browser, who will then begin the request to the server.



Load Balancer

Web server

Application server and Database


Can you display the website I requested already!?



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